1985 Born Laura K. Balke in Kansas City, MO

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1987 Relocated to the first of many small Indiana towns in which she would reside.

1993 First foray in recording, when Laura’s older brothers recorded her silly make-believe songs on a Dictaphone to cassette. This compilation was entitled The Funny Farm and was entertaining for all of the wrong reasons.

1998 Laura picked up her mother’s guiar, and knew she had met the instrument that would father her musical children. The great Kathy Balke showed Laura two chords and she began writing songs.

2001 Began performing her songs around town, both as a solo artist and one half of The Valkyries.
2005 After years of playing friends The Funny Farm in order to get a few laughs at Laura’s expense, her oldest brother Andrew finally took pity on her and helped her cut a more adult recording of her original songs, the LB EP.

2007 Recorded her first full-length album, Leaving Home, in Bloomington, IN with Indiana’s Patron Saint of Music, Mike Adams.

2008 Hit the road on her first tour, opening for Rodeo Ruby Love and covering the Midwest and East Coast.

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