The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten!

Speak for yourself, Balke. I love this time of year. The title of this post is actually a benefit instrumental compilation that I’m honored to be a part of! Last year my contribution was comprised entirely of musical instruments I’d received as gifts, with the exception of guitar. This year my song centered around a Hammond organ that came on hard times and ended up in my parent’s garage, and is now residing in my living room. Jon Autry (who is also featured on the comp!) recorded the song, and decided that it was high time my Maraca Boot made it’s musical debut. I’ve had a rock stuck in the heel of my favorite pair of boots for over a year now.

This year in addition the digital album you can even get a mug featuring Gavin Smith’s artwork or a Christmas card with a digital download code! All proceeds benefit Middle Way House, a safe place for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and will be used to buy gifts for children currently staying with their mothers. There’s two hours of original instrumental cheer and it’s sure to spice up your holiday music collection.

For my Indiana folks, I’ll be a part of the official release show on Monday, December 3 at the Bishop. The Flannelgraph folks tell us there will be free pizza and Santa! See you there!

Jon, playing the Maraca Boot

The whole gang!

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