Summer Tour roundup!

Dear Reader,

Well it looks like I’m not the best Tour Diary keeper (just like my real diaries!), and while I’d love to revisit our stay on a 90 acre farm on a mountainside in Virginia and the burning of the Candyland flag, I’ll save the remainder of our tour stories for a chat over a cup of tea. It was an amazing six weeks, and such an abundance of goodwill and human kindness goes in to every successful tour that I only wish I could give proper thanks here to everyone who helped us on our way. Today I’m going to focus on just a few of the talented musicians with whom we had the pleasure of sharing stages with across the country.

She’s A Keeper (Kansas City, MO)

I’d heard whispers of She’s A Keeper throughout Missouri and especially surrounding our shows at Candyland, the now retired DIY venue in Columbia. Everyone said they were “really good.” In fact, after our March show several members of SAK were present and played an impromptu set of covers that turned in to a rap battle. With each band member being vivacious and charming in their own right, we quickly all became buds. We were honored to be asked to play at Candyland’s final stand, which was a weekend long festival that SAK was also playing. I was outside while they were soundchecking but Zachary quickly found me and attested that they were “really good.” Could it be that a group of awesome people could also be a group of talented and creative musicians? For this is a rare occurrence. I crossed my fingers and walked down to the basement where they would be performing. Commence being blown away. They played a set of mostly new material that was handled with a comfortable familiarity, and for the first time that I can consciously remember I thought to myself, “I wish that song would have lasted longer.” Every member played 2 or 3 instruments with such ease that it was hard to tell who was the real drummer, bassist, and keyboard player. Even with a jerryrigged PA and the difficulty of running one’s own sound, their tight harmonies were still decipherable. Not to mention the fact that Fritz, the primary drummer for the band, had a cymbal that had once belonged to a drummer who performed with Neil Young. I kissed it. She’s A Keeper is a hard working band that has the chops to prove it, and it’s my hope that Indiana will see them sooner than later.

AC Deathstrike (Jacksonville, FL)

It might be cheating because we played with AC Deathstrike in January and this tour we played only with the band’s front man, Alex, but this is my blog and I make the rules. Alex prefaced his set by saying he hadn’t practiced it because he’d been too busy learning Blink 182 covers, to which Zachary, Noah and I cheered with fervor. We convinced him to play three Blink covers, which were scattered throughout a set of solid originals. Afterward Alex treated us to his Super Nintendo Entertainment System and impressive collection of games. I am truly a fan of AC Deathstrike as a band and as people. Their live shows are brimful of energy and their recordings are spacey, cluttered just to the brink of indie pop perfection, and will stick in your head for days. Alex said “we’d probably be a better band if we didn’t get along so well. Most times we get together and just end up playing Super Nintendo.” Lucky for them they don’t need to be a better band, at least in my opinion.


Jared Bartman (Peoria, IL)

Our evening with JB in Peoria, IL was gold from start to finish. He performed an acoustic set that included four part harmonies and the adorableness of his wife Stephanie singing while holding their 7 month old son Henry, who didn’t seem to mind the spotlight one bit. JB has a real knack for arrangements, and with just a guitar and four voices was able to build and accentuate his already dynamic songwriting. It’s always nice to find other touring musicians while on the road, because well, they know how it is. The Bartmans fed us the best meal of tour, during which we all enjoyed discussions of recording, John Vanderslice, plastic surgery, and life in general.


Little Lamplight (Tallahassee, FL)

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