Tour Diary part 1

Dear Tour Diary,

I write to you from the road, somewhere in a Carolina. These words are brought to you by modern technology in the form of an iPhone and Noah’s ability and enthusiasm for driving stick shift. I am very grateful for both.

We just stopped for gas and Zachary bought a huge cup of cajun style boiled peanuts to share. He set them in the center console and Noah immediately and accidentally knocked the peanuts and Cajun juice all over the two front seats and the cup holder area. He said it was the worst thing he’s ever done, Zachary said “at least the car doesn’t smell like B.O. anymore” and I just laughed while eating boiled Cajun peanuts off the floor of my car because I think they’re delicious.

Beyond the last gas station stop, we just spent four days in Florida. As you may or may not know by now, Florida is my favorite state to play away from home. There are so many great bands and venues there that are made up of the nicest and most caring people. Or we’ve just completely lucked in to the right circles. Regardless, this time around was just as positive and fun as our first venture to Florida in January. We spent an afternoon at the beach jumping in to waves, played an awesome acoustic show in a public park, went night swimming after an amazing house show in Tallahassee, had the best sound of tour at Evolution Records, and fell in love with Jacksonville all over again.

Last night we played the Burro Bar, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues. When we were on tour in January with John Davey, our show there really “turned this tour around” after a string of bummer shows and car sleeping. This time around was just as great and we were able to see some of our buddies we’d met back then (I even gave one of them a haircut in the parking lot after the show. This is a service I gladly offer for money or for free if you don’t mind getting your hair cut in the dark after I’ve had a couple drinks). Our pal Reanna who we met at the Tallahassee show was also super great. She hosted us for two nights and took baby Noah to the pool while boring old tour mom and dad went to McDonald’s to use the Internet before our show. We played with some great locals including a solo set by Alex from AC Deathstrike, who is quickly climbing my book’s “best human” ladder. He covered a few Blink 182 songs that were very well received by the three of us and perhaps nobody else in the bar, but in those moments it didn’t really matter. Then the afterparty included Reanna making us the most delicious instant mashed potatos I’ve ever tasted and Alex giving us a sampling of his amazing collection of Super Nintendo games. I got owned at every game except Donkey Kong Country 2. It’s good to know I still have that, at least.

Tonight we’ll be making LKB’s first appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina at Shakedown Street, then slowly making our way North and West toward home. By the way Home, did you see we added an Indianapolis date this Sunday at the Melody Inn with the Dead Records?

We love you!


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