New song! New Video! Goodbye Indiana!

Dear Internet,

So far the Summer has been a string of all night merch making marathons, basement band practices, shows with our best Indiana buds, writing, recording, and filming. This past weekend was the third annual Ratz Fest and it was the perfect precursor to our upcoming tour, which will take us to the far away and the unfamiliar. Noah has proved to be a great addition to the LKBand and is officially embarrassing me by already knowing my songs better than I do.

Today I’m excited to release a brand new single and music video out in to the wild. With our Summer tour officially kicking off tomorrow in Marion, Indiana with friends SO WHAT and the Deliverance, releasing a song about finding joy and hope in the uncertainties of my future couldn’t be more appropriate.

This has been the most effort I’ve ever put in to one song and I couldn’t ask for a better team work to make the dream work. Zachary and I spent quite a few afternoons tracking with Wes Deboy and a few more with Jordan Henline of 88.8 films acquiring footage for the video.

Check out the video below and grab a digital copy of Streets Of Gold here. I wish you all a happy Summer and hope to see you sooner than later!


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