White Rabbit!

Dear Reader,

As anticipated, the show Saturday evening at the White Rabbit Cabaret with The Bonesetters and She Does Is Magic was an absolute blast. It was an honor to be a part of such a stacked bill, and a real treat to watch SDIM for the first time and see The Bonesetters rock ‘n roll. And I must bless our audience, who was certainly the most attentive bar crowd I’ve played to.

But don’t take my word for it! I was finally able to meet the writers behind Thought On Tracks, who have been so gracious as to cover my recent releases, and they wrote a lovely review of the evening. Indy Rock live also covered the show on their website! What a night!

While we’re talking blogosphere, Nicole over at Hipster Spinster wrote some really nice things about the Old Friend video/single/photo album. Go read it and let her convince you to watch/download/purchase.

Though the show was several days before Zachary and I leave on our Spring tour, I have a feeling that these high spirits will follow us for awhile on the road. Thanks, Indianapolis.

All my love, LKB

Mark of She Does Is Magic performing at Indy CD and Vinyl

Waiting to soundcheck

She Does Is Magic!

The Bonesetters!

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