February 29

Dear Reader,

Here we are with that extra 24 hours that comes but once a four years. I’m sad to admit that I’ve been defeated by my own personal challenges for the month of February (writing 14.5 new songs, releasing something new every day), but before I get too down on the whole thing I must also admit: this has been the best February I’ve ever had. I’m sure that part of this is due to the unseasonably warm weather, and another part probably has to to with the fact that I’ve been passionate about the work I’ve had at hand. There has not been a moment where I was without a purpose or a task thereof, be it writing, demoing, playing instruments, or booking my Spring tour.  But I think the biggest factor this year has been good company, and I can’t discount my friends and comrades as being a great defense against the dark days of Winter. So: Thank you.

With Love, LKB

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