February 2

Dear Reader,

Today I awoke to this voicemail from my mother (spoken in a fake southern accent):

“Well hi Miss Laura, what are yew doing? I hope you’re up and around! I just want you to know that I saw myself on that there music video and I thought I did SOO GOOOOD! I think I’m done gonna get an oscar! So I was jest callin to see what you think I should wear, when I accept my award and all. Bayh now!”

She’s a gem. For those of you who don’t know Mama Balke, she’s also the woman in the white sheet in “Not For This” (which is now at over 700 views in two days! Thanks, Internet!).

Today I set out to finish my first song for February Album Writing Month. Finishing the song was the easy part. The hard part was learning it to a point where I could play through without any major fumbles. Initially there was a lot of fingerwork flaring up here and there, but as the day wore on I scaled back until playing through for a demo of the song was a feasible task. My spirit is willing but my fingers are weak. It’s looking like FAWM will be more of a challenge than I thought! Regardless, I’m happy to report my first song, titled “Elizabeth,” has been released into the world it was created to inhabit.

This weekend will be busy (band practice tomorrow / big show on Saturday!), but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to keep the the dream alive.

All the best, Laura

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