Record Geeks review Rumors & Legends

Dear Readers,

I recently took a chance and mailed a copy of the vinyl edition of Rumors & Legends to the toughest critics of vinyl pressing around: The Record Geeks. I was curious as to how the the record would hold up to a true vinyl audiophile. To my surprise, a review was up within a day of shipment, and media mail at that.

“Third full-length album from this Indiana singer-songwriter, released Dec ’11 in a stunning format: a bound-book with hand-drawn art. This is very pretty, dynamic music with a strong female voice as the focal point. Balke’s knack for simplicity and emotional climaxes are reminiscent of some of the best Will Oldham records. Recorded in several different locations including “non-traditional” spaces like art galleries and apartments. The whole album is gentle and moody; a must for fans of evocative, female-fronted folk music. Collectors and format geeks take note: this one is worth the price for the packaging alone – limited edition of 100 copies!”

Read the full review here!


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