Snowbird Tour Blog: back to the nest

Dear Reader,

I’m very happy to report that we made it home safe and sound. Our way home was just as eventful as our journey to warmer climates. We played to a wonderful and attentive audience at what must be the most awesome spot in Auburn, Alabama. In Nashville, Zachary and I played tourist and saw just about all the good sights except for Taylor Swift. Sigh. Maybe next time. We also had the honor of playing Gems on VHSfest, which was a real treat (literally, there were so many cupcakes) and broadcast live over the Internet! Do yourself a favor and check out what the folks at Gems On VHS are doing in music city. It’s good.

Then it was back to the Midwest, and thankfully the bitterness of January was eased by amazing shows with familiar faces. We played a great show in Celina Ohio at the Nest (a fitting place for the Snowbirds to play their first show back in the Midwest), and then the good old Sneaky Bandit in Indianapolis. I will always love that place; under the influence of Rowdy Juice Kat even told me that I was the Sneaky Banditiest. A little tear of joy may have slipped from my eyeball. In Hartford City we were blown away by SO WHAT and the Deliverance, and in Toledo we ended up on a bill with a band called Puffy Areolas. 40-year-olds were moshing, and it was a simply outrageous and awesome way to end our tour.

Zachary put together some footage from the tour, which was so much fun to watch retrospectively. Except for the part where I’m butchering “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in French. I hope my French teacher never sees that. Nevertheless, you should watch it here!

It’s with a full heart and a renewed spirit that I plan my next moves as a musician. Thanks to everyone who made this tour such a great success!

All the best, LKB

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