Happy Holidays from LKB!

Dear Reader,

It’s been a busy December! On Saturday I had the pleasure of being a part of Stay Young Festival in Fort Wayne. The fest is in honor of Ty Brinneman’s birthday, and featured a fantastic array of local and national acts. I have a special place in my heart for December birthdays as I myself was born in very near proximity to the day of Jesus’ birth, and have suffered the lifelong afflictions of Combined-Christmas/Birthday-Gifts-Wrapped-In-Christmas-Paper and Dare-Not-Schedule-A-Birthday-Party-As-No-One-Will-Be-Able-To-Attend (first world problems!). My contribution to Staying Young was an in-store performance at my new favorite record store: Neat Neat Neat Records and Music. You really should check out their selection of vinyl records and equipment if you find yourself in northern Indiana. I also had the pleasure of seeing some of my best buds perform, Frank Schweikhardt and Bro. Stephen.

Incidentally, Bro. Stephen just announced the release of his first full-length record, which you should order right here, right now. I’ve spent time on the road with Bro. Stephen and shared the stage with him many times, and his songwriting, entrancing live performances, and work ethic have had a huge influence on my life and music. Even now his live set often bring me to tears in the best possible way. I highly recommend getting your hands on a CD or LP and catching him on tour in February.

In celebration of the holidays (and that includes anyone with a December birthday- you deserve a break!), I am running a special on physical copies of my new record through December 18, as well as name-your-own-price for the digital download. Enjoy 20% off Rumors & Legends on CD or gold translucent vinyl + hardbound book. All orders received by December 19 will arrive by Christmas day! This is the perfect opportunity to get or gift a copy of this limited edition release. Girlfriends, art dudes, moms, and Taylor Swift fans will love to receive it for their birthday/Hanukkah/Christmas.

Also, “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten, Volume Two,” to which I contributed an instrumental Christmas song, has been making a well-deserved ruckus in the music community. I played it for a holiday party on Sunday and everyone was inquiring as to the origin of the fresh, festive music that they were hearing. Physical copies as well as T Shirts are now available and would make a great gift for anyone who has a heart.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the season, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of my December born friends!


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