9 Days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

Hello from Port Huron, MI! We’re currently interneting/coffee drinking at a fantastic place called The Raven that has a beautiful view of the Canadian skyline across the lake. This is our 7th day on the road and we’ve settled in to a nice rhythm of playing music, listening to Taylor Swift on the road, couch sleeping and making new friends. So far every show has been golden, and we’ve played with some great bands. I was able to see my extended family after our show at Czar Bar in Kansas City, and we got the royal treatment (real beds! clean towels! laundry facilities!) from my Aunt Jan. We were also able to sneak in a quick visit to our families in The North Country on our way to Michigan, and hide some Golden Tickets in the Warsaw area. Check out my facebook page for clues!

With each show down on the record release tour we get a little bit closer to the official release on November 18! In honor of being only 9 days away, I invite you to explore a trailer made by Ratz for the record back when it was literally just a rumor or legend:

“LKB’s New Album Trailer





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