The In Store / new live videos!

Dear Readers,

I recently had the pleasure of having three live songs filmed for The In Store, which is simply “a website dedicated to filming and promoting great bands!”. While chatting with Derek, the man behind the website, he mentioned that some of the best live shows he’s seen in the area were also the most sparsely attended, which sparked his interest in documenting the Indiana music scene. I can also think of many occasions where I’ve seen amazing bands play to a seemingly empty space. It is a rare treat to stumble upon a true music enthusiast at this place in my life, which could be because it’s hard to stumble upon anyone when you stay in one room and interact mostly with a guitar and computer, but that’s beside the point. The In Store is doing great things for music in Indiana and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Three songs were filmed in my own apartment, which you can check out below. In an effort to represent the scope of my work, I chose to play an old song, a new song, and a mom song. I’ll let you guess which is which (the first to make a correct guess gets a mystery LKB prize! Leave your guess as a comment).


Two Ships

Bright Lights 

I hope you enjoy, and keep an eye on The In Store!

Best, Laura

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