Not For This video shoot, day 1

Dear Reader,

Today was a big day in the life of an LKB. I began shooting the first Laura K Balke music video with bagfry productions, part of which was having my head shaved by the amazing and aforementioned Elizabeth Mae. I’m a short-hair-girl at heart, so the blonde mess of straw on my head will not be missed. I have many reasons that made it a very meaningful and cathartic experience for me, but that’s not for a blog, that’s a chat over a mug of hot spiced cider. I’ve had this concept in mind for too long and it was it was a great feeling to finally have seen it to completion.

We will wrap up filming on Sunday, and the video will be released a few weeks after that. I’m really excited to put this out into the world, as it externalizes my feelings on many of the recent changes in my life.



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