I’m a business, man

Today was one of those days where the reality of life (okay, I’ll say it, “money”) rains on your parade and makes what you envision seem to be an impossibility (okay, I’ll say this one too, “elaborate vinyl record packaging”).

I decided that a brainstorming session was in order, so I sought refuge in the aisles of my favorite paper and office supply store, Arvey. Though I had no flashes of insight I did take note of business card sized manila envelopes (download cards? DIYers, I won’t be mad if you use them… They’re impossibly cute!). I bought two sheets of black poster board for a brainstorming session + scissors at home and walked out feeling a little bit better.

Shortly afterward, my BFF + graphic designer + jack of all crafts Elizabeth brought over rubber stamps she helped me design for the making of business cards. I’m pretty sure I have the best friends ever. The stamps were made across the street from Arvey at Indianapolis Rubber Stamp, which I’ve used on several occasions and has always delivered excellence. We also may have found a veil for her wedding! (girl is about to marry the legendary NM Kjeldsen! Talk about a power couple!). There’s nothing like a BFF to turn the day around.

I had scrap poster board leftover from the brainstorming + scissors session which I used to make a test run of business cards. I feel much more pro now, many thanks to Elizabeth, Arvey and Indianapolis Rubber Stamp!

Where dreams come true

Where the aisles have no name

Where they sell the boxes of the tiniest manila envelopes you've ever seen

Elizabeth Mae: designer, typography guru, best friend

Testing, testing


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