County fair photo shoot

I recently had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers and best friends, Erika Lewis. Erika and I have been BFFs since 7th grade and she is the only person who makes me feel comfortable behind a camera lens pointed in my direction. These days she’s usually traipsing around cathedrals and ballrooms shooting high-end weddings, but she was thrilled with the idea of going back to our hometown to do promo shots at the county fair. A majority of the carnival workers were young european boys, and after hours of shooting I think we had them convinced that I was some actually famous blonde something. A couple of them even asked to take pictures with me. I let them believe the hype rather than letting on to the truth, and it earned us an all-access pass to the fun house! As always, I am blown away by Erika’s work. Everyone should have a BFF photographer.

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