Dear Readers,

With my newfound freedom from a traditional day job, the first thing I did was fulfill a promise to my mother to help out with the annual Balke Family Yard Sale. I headed up to Pierceton, Indiana for a week and managed to attend several birthday parties, a bridal shower, help put on a Huge, Giant, Massive Yard Sale, make fresh green sauce from the fields at a local farm, and play a show at The Blue Lion with some dear friends. All of this while attempting to coordinate my future and critique final mixes of the record, which has a looming mastering date of September 1. It was one of the most exhausting weeks of my life but I was grateful to have seen so many awesome people and to be a part of loved one’s milestones. I also got to pick up the new Bro Stephen AND Kalispell eps at the Blue Lion show. My ears have been very happy about that.

I like to scribble...Many hands make a lot of green sauceBro StephenAnd it's all true.Nephews are pretty cool. Nieces, too.

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