Usonian Records

Hello there,

I am very excited to announce that Jon Autry and I are starting a record label. The stars have aligned (astronomically, not astrologically), and I feel that this is the time and place to create a home for future releases and an umbrella under which we can bring other artists that we believe in.

Our first release will be the split 7″ between LKB & Co. and The Dead Records, featuring our A sides on vinyl and a digital download including our B sides. Full-length records from both Jon and I are also in the works.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for your support through the years. I look forward sharing more music with you via Usonian Records. Speaking of sharing music… You can win a test pressing of the split 7″! We’ll be randomly selecting one of the label’s twitter followers and one facebook liker to win a test pressing and be among the first ten people to hear these recordings, ever. So follow us on twitter AND like us on facebook to double your chances. See you around the Internet, and around the country in April!

With love, LKB