Portland Wears It’s Heart On It’s Streets

Dear Reader,

Today I write from a Panera Bread in Concord, NH. I’m not sure how I feel about this place because a woman at the table behind me said “have you heard about this new taco that they put inside of a Doritos shell? That sounds disgusting.” Good thing we’re headed out of here in a few hours to play at the Hole In The Fence Cafe in neighboring New London.

So far New England has been beautiful, amiable, and kind. It will also hold the memory of one of the strangest, most disturbing things I’ve seen in my travels. It all started when the bartender at our Saturday show in Portland, Maine said “You want to see something really disgusting?” Of course we did, and upon following her across the street found it to be an impaled heart on a stake that was a part of a gate surrounding a tree. It had been there since Thursday, and the police would not remove it as they speculated that it was not human and it smelled badly by the time they checked on it. We bonded with a few of the locals over the happening, and though Portland is a memorable city in it’s own right, the impaled heart will always be the first thing that comes to my mind regarding that beautiful coastal town.

Below are a few notable sights we’ve beheld, including the heart. You’ve been warned!

Sally ho and tally forth, LKB

This gentleman performed a few impromptu songs after we played at The News Cafe.

Maine Moose

My rehearsal space in Ellsworth, Maine

This is what touring does to my purse. Also, I like collecting condiments.

My rehearsal space in Portland, Maine

Jon's rehearsal space

Tour life tooth brushing

We happened upon this slice of heaven.

Too bad this place was closed. I wanted to know about Talking Machines.

Jon's setup at The Maine Grind

Portland is the heartest

This is our new friend Andrew. We met him because he was lured from his apartment by tales of the heart.