February 1

Dear Reader,

February started with a bang in the LKB camp. Today was the official release date for the “Not For This” music video, and I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support from frans who helped spread the word. Yes, I mean frans- it’s a friend/fan word hybrid. Nicole at Hipster Spinster even gave the video a neat writeup!

I also wrote half a song, which is good because I need to write an average of .5 songs per day to keep up with February Album Writing Month. Who knows, I may finish it tomorrow and post it on the youtubes. Or maybe it will be that song from last summer that I’ve kept hidden away. Time will tell!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the music video yet, watch it here!

Much love, LKB


Dear Reader,

I write you with a bit of excitement, probably for the first time in my life, regarding the month of February. The last few years have seen my worst days within that treacherous month, with an internal darkness and temperment that tend to mimic the dreary Midwestern Winter. I suppose many people call this seasonal depression.

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to strike first. I’ve been thinking for a little while about how I can make 2012 different from years past, and riding high on heartening sentiments from the Snowbird Tour I’ve decided that keeping active, structured creativity, and hard work would be my best defense. I’m excited to let you in on what I’ve come up with: every day of the month I will be sharing something new with you. Most of these songs and creations will be brought to you via my youtube channel, so I invite you to subscribe if you’re interested in seeing where this excercise in happiness will lead.

I have more than a few ideas of what these offerings will be. Many will be songs I’ve written in the past year that no one has ever heard. Many will have been written that same day. To add an element of accountability, I signed up for February Album Writing month, which is a community that undertakes the challenge of writing 14.5 new songs within 29 days (that’s right, it’s a leap year!). So you could be in for some really terrible songs from yours truly, but maybe some good ones too. Either way I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

And now, since it is nearly February 1, I’m excited to announce my first release in this endeavor. It’s something very dear to my heart that Bagfry Productions and I (Mostly the very talented Xack Gibson) worked on for many, many hours over the last several months: the music video for “Not For This.” It will be delivered to the internet very soon.

In semi-related news, for the month I will also be giving up two things that usually make me feel terrible; sugar and dairy. Here’s to the best February yet!

Let’s make things, LKB