Snowbird Tour blog: Cincinnati

Dear Reader,

I write to you from surprisingly warm Cincinnati. Weather people must have heard that the snowbirds would be in town. Last night we played in the living room of Summer and Greg, who are both chefs- the Gordon Ramsay and Gordon Ramsey of Cincinnati! (Forgive me for including a few of the bourbon inspired comments from last night’s aftershow) Summer made the most amazing chocolate-drizzled caramel corn with truffle oil specially for the show. It revolutionized popcorn for my taste buds. Seriously.

Margaret Darling put the show together, and graced our ears with an amazing performance accompanied by Mike, who played a mailbox, tambourine and briefcase (dude has some percussion skillz!). John Davey closed the evening with an entrancing live performance. I have to say that I’m truly excited to see John perform every night for the next two weeks. Check out the new song that he opened with here! It was a small intimate show that was overflowing with love and bourbon, the very best kind of show in my opinion. We had the chance to meet and talk to some awesome people afterward including a family of unicorns. As John Davey worded it, “How did we end up hanging out with the best people in town?”

Snowbird Tour is a huge success thus far. We’re off to explore Cincinnati now, so until next time!

For all of us, LKB

LKB / John Davey Snowbird Tour

Dear friends,

It’s been tricky getting everything confirmed with the holidays and all, but I’m finally ready to present to you the Snowbird Tour. I’ll be heading south with the LKBand (this time it’s Zachary Walter Jetter on percussion, bells and auxiliary guitar) and the great Midwestern folk artist John Davey. I first met John four or five years ago when we were booked on a show together, and have since shared many a stage with him and become a great fan of his work. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the man John Davey is that he has been an occupational musician for as long as I’ve known him, and still remains one of the nicest, most sincere, and hopeful people around. His song “Spent” is a personal favorite of mine, and captures a feeling of being worn thin that’s a nice commiseration, though I’ve probably only hit the tip of the iceberg myself.

Most of our stops are Southern enough to avoid the potential perils of January weather, but we do have a few dates in the Midwest and would love to see a familiar face or make your acquaintance. Below are the dates and cities, can find more information filed under “live!”

All the best, LKB

January 5- Cincinnati, OH
January 7- Chattanooga, TN
January 8- Athens, GA
January 9- Savannah, GA
January 10- Jacksonville, FL
January 11- Gainesville, FL
January 12- Orlando, FL
January 13- Tallahassee, FL
January 16- Nashville, TN                                                                                              January 17- Lexington, KY                                                                                             January 18- Louisville, KY
January 19- Indianapolis, IN
January 20- Hartford City, IN
January 21- Toledo, OH