Food Drive Show in Warsaw!

Dear Reader,

I stayed up all night making this flier so that you would see it and come out to this show.

But seriously, I’m really excited about this one. It will be my first show in Warsaw in a long, long, time and I can’t wait to witness all of the other musicians perform. Not to mention feeding the hungry.

See you on the 4th!


Record Geeks review Rumors & Legends

Dear Readers,

I recently took a chance and mailed a copy of the vinyl edition of Rumors & Legends to the toughest critics of vinyl pressing around: The Record Geeks. I was curious as to how the the record would hold up to a true vinyl audiophile. To my surprise, a review was up within a day of shipment, and media mail at that.

“Third full-length album from this Indiana singer-songwriter, released Dec ’11 in a stunning format: a bound-book with hand-drawn art. This is very pretty, dynamic music with a strong female voice as the focal point. Balke’s knack for simplicity and emotional climaxes are reminiscent of some of the best Will Oldham records. Recorded in several different locations including “non-traditional” spaces like art galleries and apartments. The whole album is gentle and moody; a must for fans of evocative, female-fronted folk music. Collectors and format geeks take note: this one is worth the price for the packaging alone – limited edition of 100 copies!”

Read the full review here!


Photoshoot with Cherilyn Kurtz

Dear Reader,

This past November I had the pleasure of being the subject of Cherilyn Kurtz’s photography. Cherilyn has a very distinct and sometimes dark style, which was perfectly suited to the overcast day of our shoot. I am a big fan of her work and the consistant asthetic she captures, so I was thrilled when I received these photos in my inbox earlier this week. All the photos were taken in my natural habitat with film.

Please check out Cherilyn’s website, as well!

Without further ado, I invite you to the place where I spend most every hour that I’m not on tour.


Snowbird Tour Blog: back to the nest

Dear Reader,

I’m very happy to report that we made it home safe and sound. Our way home was just as eventful as our journey to warmer climates. We played to a wonderful and attentive audience at what must be the most awesome spot in Auburn, Alabama. In Nashville, Zachary and I played tourist and saw just about all the good sights except for Taylor Swift. Sigh. Maybe next time. We also had the honor of playing Gems on VHSfest, which was a real treat (literally, there were so many cupcakes) and broadcast live over the Internet! Do yourself a favor and check out what the folks at Gems On VHS are doing in music city. It’s good.

Then it was back to the Midwest, and thankfully the bitterness of January was eased by amazing shows with familiar faces. We played a great show in Celina Ohio at the Nest (a fitting place for the Snowbirds to play their first show back in the Midwest), and then the good old Sneaky Bandit in Indianapolis. I will always love that place; under the influence of Rowdy Juice Kat even told me that I was the Sneaky Banditiest. A little tear of joy may have slipped from my eyeball. In Hartford City we were blown away by SO WHAT and the Deliverance, and in Toledo we ended up on a bill with a band called Puffy Areolas. 40-year-olds were moshing, and it was a simply outrageous and awesome way to end our tour.

Zachary put together some footage from the tour, which was so much fun to watch retrospectively. Except for the part where I’m butchering “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in French. I hope my French teacher never sees that. Nevertheless, you should watch it here!

It’s with a full heart and a renewed spirit that I plan my next moves as a musician. Thanks to everyone who made this tour such a great success!

All the best, LKB

Snowbird Tour Blog: Florida

Wow. Florida.

I don’t remember ever playing such an awesome stretch of shows in a new state. My first venture into the sunshine state as a musician was a real treat; Jacksonville, Gainesville and Orlando were not only good to us, but also chock full of nice people and great music.

In Jacksonville I found my new favorite bar: The Burro Bar. The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was comfortably divey, and we were fortunate enough to have been booked on Critter and AC Deathstrike’s tour kickoff show, which was overflowing with love and jams. Food from the Burrito Gallery down the street really turned the evening in to a grand slam! I also executed one of my favorite trades: A custom-made guitar strap and three drink tickets for a copy of Rumors & Legends.

Gainesville brought us to the Civic Media Center where we played with a few great local acts and The Blackhands, who were on tour from California. The Blackhands in particular rocked our faces off. The balmy 60 degree weather didn’t hurt, either!

In Orlando I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends who I’d met in the music circuit in Indiana through the years, Austin Miller and Moor Hound. John and I played a great show with them at the Peacock Room, and it was awesome to hear them perform and have such a receptive audience.

We had a day off after our Orlando show, during which occurred the most intense game of SORRY! I have ever played. I ended up winning the game, and a long awkward silence ensued. Thankfully everyone got over it in time to enjoy Cindy’s homemade chili, a bonfire, a bottle of George Dickel, and the company of the best people this side of the Mississippi. It was a night that I’ll hold in my heart for a long time.

Up next: Auburn, Alabama.