A day of happenings!

Dear Reader,

Many awesome things happened today in the life of an LKB, and I’m here to share them with you. I awoke this morning in a haze of post th’Empires-record-release-show-and-subsequent-celebration. My drummer Zachary plays in several other  bands including th’Empires, and all of his other projects feel like family. I was glad to have made it to Bloomington for the show and to help sing a rockabilly version of “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada. This morning Zachary and I were able to practice together in anticipation of our first show in a long time as an intentional two-piece, which is this Friday in  Muncie. We’ve been home from tour for a week and already I’m itching to be on the road again.

To get on to the happenings, today is the day that Flannelgraph Records released their instrumental holiday compilation, “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume Two”! I contributed a song that was made almost entirely using Christmas gifts I received last year. Let me tell you, it is an amazing collection. If you’re in a Scrooge kind of mood then this just might be the thing to get you in the holiday spirit. It took all of my focus to stay on task while listening today and not begin spontaneously hanging tinsel. And as if that wasn’t enough, 100% of the profits (it’s pay what you can) will benefit Stepping Stones, a local organization that gives a hand to teenagers experiencing homelessness. So go listen, become infected with holiday cheer, and download this compilation now!

Additionally in the happening department I received a few photos today from the record release show at the Earth House, courtesy of Anda Cross. As if that weren’t exciting enough, The-In Store also posted live video from the show, which you can find HERE. And for all of my patient listeners who pre-ordered Rumors & Legends on vinyl, I have good news for you: today I approved the proof for the accompanying hardbound books and they should be finished by Wednesday!

That’s it for now. I do have more news to announce regarding January plans, but I’m going to save that for another day!

All my best, LKB


Photos by Anda Cross

1 day until my record release!

Dear Reader,

After a very long, very awesome two weeks on the road, Zachary and I have returned safely  to Indiana! We put 3500 miles on my car and have stories to last over a few cups of coffee. I’ll post more photos from the tour when I’ve got a little more time to spare. Tonight we’re excited to play in Bloomington with Brooks Ritter and Daniel and the Lion, and tomorrow is the official record release accompanied by the release shows in Pierceton (Friday) and Indianapolis (Saturday). I will be sharing the stage with some of my favorite musicians and also presenting a visual display of the album artwork, so I hope you can make it!


With love, LKB


9 Days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

Hello from Port Huron, MI! We’re currently interneting/coffee drinking at a fantastic place called The Raven that has a beautiful view of the Canadian skyline across the lake. This is our 7th day on the road and we’ve settled in to a nice rhythm of playing music, listening to Taylor Swift on the road, couch sleeping and making new friends. So far every show has been golden, and we’ve played with some great bands. I was able to see my extended family after our show at Czar Bar in Kansas City, and we got the royal treatment (real beds! clean towels! laundry facilities!) from my Aunt Jan. We were also able to sneak in a quick visit to our families in The North Country on our way to Michigan, and hide some Golden Tickets in the Warsaw area. Check out my facebook page for clues!

With each show down on the record release tour we get a little bit closer to the official release on November 18! In honor of being only 9 days away, I invite you to explore a trailer made by Ratz for the record back when it was literally just a rumor or legend:

“LKB’s New Album Trailer





12 days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

Tour has been great so far! I’ll give you a proper telling of our adventures soon, but I’m short on internet right now so today I’ll leave you with a video we made this afternoon in a beautiful park in Kansas City. It’s a rumor of what is to come on November 18 when my new record is officially released: a live acoustic version of Turn The Key!


With love, LKB

19 days until my record release!

The countdown continues, and in honor of the holiday we’re going to travel back to the era in which the record was born. It was an time of bloodstained backwoodsmen in long johns, and bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 that had human, even feminine characteristics: Halloween 2010.

Zachary, Kurt and I had recently started playing together as a three piece band, and had just begun tracking Rumors & Legends when we played a Halloween Party at the Sneaky Bandit.

Don’t you want to hear what kind of music these three creatures would make? Well you can… IN 19 MORE DAYS!

XO, Miss MD