30 days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

Today was one of those days that keeps you running. I began the day by heading to the printer’s to approve my booklet. Then I started flyering Indianapolis for the release show, using beautiful wooden pushpins I couldn’t resist buying. I always forget how nice people can be when asked if you can hang up a flyer. Then it was back home to pack up for a long weekend in the north country (Pierceton, Warsaw, Winona Lake), and to and make decisions about my CD replication. After some experimenting and internal deliberation,  I decided I’m going to hand stamp them so that I can achieve a gold metallic text and make things harder than they have to be – it’s in my nature. Then it was off to the printers again to pick up the guts of my CD booklet! I relayed the goods north in a very messy fashion, as I had to open the box and look at them during the 2.5 hour drive while listening to Elloitt Smith (It was raining). I also may have taken pictures of my profile while driving, which is what I do when I’m bored in the car.

When I finally arrived in Pierceton, I saw my parents for a quick moment which was long enough to scarf down one of my mother’s enchiladas, and then delivered the booklets to Esther, who will be the Commander in Chief of the bookbinding factory day tomorrow. She showed me all of the different stations that were organized to maximize efficacy and keep the day flowing. Can 250 books be case bound in one day by a ragtag group of dreamers? Tomorrow will tell.

Until then… 30 MORE DAYS!!!!


31 days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

I had a rough start today. It began by writing out a list of priorities regarding the album release, tour, and my personal finances. I was so overwhelmed, as every different subsection seemed equally as important and pressing, that I was not very productive. I executed a couple of the clear-cut tasks and saved the big stuff for a day that finds me more capable. Hopefully that day comes soon because I have only 31 more days to count down!

Thankfully, I had something constructive to do with the latter half of my day- play music. This evening I played a good old fashioned house show in Bloomington. My friend Ryan Clover was on tour from Ithaca, NY and it was great to see him here in the Midwest. It was a nice cozy living room, the kind that makes you want to play all those new songs you’ve been hoarding up, which I did. I saw some of my favorite Bloomington classics and even received some Mark Wahlberg SWAG from Ratz. I may have asked him “Who is Mark Wahlberg?”.

31 MORE DAYS!!!!


32 days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

Today marked a milestone in the life of an LKB: I heard my own music on vinyl for the first time. I received the test pressing for Rumors & Legends in the mail around noon, and I’ve subsequently felt like a Kid in a Rocketship to the moon.

I also printed full size fliers for the release shows. Last week while in NYC I was able to visit the physical store of my favorite online paper company, Paper Presentation. I felt like  a Kid in a Rocketship to the moon that day as well, and I picked up a few beautiful and useful items, including metallic gold paper for the fliers (to which the image below does not do justice).

Then this evening I paid a visit to my favorite newlyweds, Elizabeth and Neil Kjeldsen for dinner and a net-meet. A delicious autumn pasta was prepared featuring caramelized onions, maple glazed bacon, and sweet potatoes. I was reminded that cooking and eating can be fun, even downright delicious.  In the spirit of the day, we listened to my test pressing while Elizabeth helped me prepare my artwork for the vinyl edition of the album. I may have won an intense game of Blokus afterward…

32 MORE DAYS!!!!!!


33 days until my record release!

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well. My life has been a whirlwind lately and I’ve been trying my best to balance work and play. I don’t want to become a dull boy anytime soon, though it could be a relaxing change in perspective.

I decided that I am going to post a daily countdown until my album release right here on this very website. People countdown to the birth of their children, their wedding days, their retirement, and I want a my piece of the countdown pie!

Since this is the first day of the countdown, I am going to fill you in on progress and planning thus far. The album will be titled “Rumors & Legends”, and I have chosen November 18 (The Pierceton, IN release show) as it’s official release date. If I am coming to a town near you on my preceding tour, fear not- I’ll have a copy or two to sell you under the table and my management will never know!

The record will be released to CD, vinyl and the World Wide Web, with physical copies packaged inside of a limited edition hard-bound book featuring drawings that correspond to each song. The drawings use the song’s lyrics to create a shape that is illustrative to their content. I finished the last touches on the artwork Wednesday, and it was with both relief and excitement that I sent them to the printers on Thursday morning. Books for the vinyl will be bound by the company I’m using for printing, and with help from a family friend I’ll be opening a volunteer sweat shop once again to bind the books for the CD by hand. I initially contacted Esther inquiring about foil stamping the covers, and soon enough she had decided to undertake the project of hand-binding 250 books with the help of our family and friends. This will take place on Thursday and I am very excited to have a hand in the process, hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two about bookbinding!

It really has been a struggle balancing enjoying my life with the perceived weight of the many tasks at hand. Luckily I have people who draw me out of my workspace and into the world, which is now in the middle of my favorite season! This weekend my mother and I spent a day in Western Indiana celebrating the Covered Bridge Festival. We saw many awesome and beautiful things, even a bald eagle! I also attended Broad Ripple Music Festival and saw some good bands and good friends including NM Kjeldsen, Frank Schweikhardt, Jascha and The Bonesetters (Both NM Keldsen and Jascha will be performing at my Indianapolis album release show!).

33 DAYS!


Covered Bridge Festival 2011

NM Kjeldsen at Broad Ripple Music Festival

Artwork for "Turn The Key"

Sneak Peak