Mastering + Plans

Well friends, I’m happy to report that things are coming together quite well for the record as well as the pressing, packaging and release. I do allow myself one breakdown a day, which is usually the exact remedy I need to get through the feeling of an impending explosion of the head. Somehow life is better after you’ve buried your face in your arms, cried a pity tear and said aloud “no one cares and why should they because none of this matters”. What can I say, I’m an emo from way back.

But oh yes, good news to report! Jon and I were able to attend our mastering session in Chicago, which was a close call as Jon’s train was cancelled due to hurricane Irene. Thank goodness for Travelocity. The experience at Chicago Mastering was top notch, and our engineer Bob Weston made us feel right at home. I feel that I now have a much better grasp of what the mastering process entails.

Now that the recording is a nod away from completion, I’ve been able to turn my focus to booking. I’m very happy (and relieved) to announce that I have booked the album release shows! Mark your calendars for November 18 at The Old Train Depot in my hometown of Pierceton, IN and November 19 at The Earth House in Indianapolis. A two week tour preceding the release is also in the works.

I’ll be releasing a song from the new album soon via this very website! Stay tuned. Sharing my work with you is what I look forward to most of all.

With love, Laura