The In Store / new live videos!

Dear Readers,

I recently had the pleasure of having three live songs filmed for The In Store, which is simply “a website dedicated to filming and promoting great bands!”. While chatting with Derek, the man behind the website, he mentioned that some of the best live shows he’s seen in the area were also the most sparsely attended, which sparked his interest in documenting the Indiana music scene. I can also think of many occasions where I’ve seen amazing bands play to a seemingly empty space. It is a rare treat to stumble upon a true music enthusiast at this place in my life, which could be because it’s hard to stumble upon anyone when you stay in one room and interact mostly with a guitar and computer, but that’s beside the point. The In Store is doing great things for music in Indiana and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Three songs were filmed in my own apartment, which you can check out below. In an effort to represent the scope of my work, I chose to play an old song, a new song, and a mom song. I’ll let you guess which is which (the first to make a correct guess gets a mystery LKB prize! Leave your guess as a comment).


Two Ships

Bright Lights 

I hope you enjoy, and keep an eye on The In Store!

Best, Laura

Not For This video shoot, day 2

Dear Reader,

The Not For This video shoot is a wrap! Under the excellent direction of Xack Gibson we have some pretty amazing footage. Our second day of filming was for two scenes. One of them was filmed in my parent’s camper, which is a 7-miles-to-the-gallon mid-seventies monstrosity that hasn’t been occupied by anything but birds and insects in several years. It was a gloomy, desolate place that fit the concept perfectly. The other scene took place at my favorite venue of all time, the Blue Lion. A few friends showed up to add some liveliness, and they did a fantastic job. The final product with be available for your viewing pleasure in a matter of weeks!


Not For This video shoot, day 1

Dear Reader,

Today was a big day in the life of an LKB. I began shooting the first Laura K Balke music video with bagfry productions, part of which was having my head shaved by the amazing and aforementioned Elizabeth Mae. I’m a short-hair-girl at heart, so the blonde mess of straw on my head will not be missed. I have many reasons that made it a very meaningful and cathartic experience for me, but that’s not for a blog, that’s a chat over a mug of hot spiced cider. I’ve had this concept in mind for too long and it was it was a great feeling to finally have seen it to completion.

We will wrap up filming on Sunday, and the video will be released a few weeks after that. I’m really excited to put this out into the world, as it externalizes my feelings on many of the recent changes in my life.




I’d like to introduce a little fruit of the past year’s labor- a song called Achilles that you may have heard before, but surely not like this. The legendary Zachary Walter Jetter is on drums, the venerable Kurt Friedrich on organ, piano and Kee Bass, and seasoned engineer Jon Autry lent a hand on all kinds of instruments.

So listen, share, and take advantage of the free download! But only if you promise to come to one of my album release shows… After all, freedom isn’t free. ;)


I’m a business, man

Today was one of those days where the reality of life (okay, I’ll say it, “money”) rains on your parade and makes what you envision seem to be an impossibility (okay, I’ll say this one too, “elaborate vinyl record packaging”).

I decided that a brainstorming session was in order, so I sought refuge in the aisles of my favorite paper and office supply store, Arvey. Though I had no flashes of insight I did take note of business card sized manila envelopes (download cards? DIYers, I won’t be mad if you use them… They’re impossibly cute!). I bought two sheets of black poster board for a brainstorming session + scissors at home and walked out feeling a little bit better.

Shortly afterward, my BFF + graphic designer + jack of all crafts Elizabeth brought over rubber stamps she helped me design for the making of business cards. I’m pretty sure I have the best friends ever. The stamps were made across the street from Arvey at Indianapolis Rubber Stamp, which I’ve used on several occasions and has always delivered excellence. We also may have found a veil for her wedding! (girl is about to marry the legendary NM Kjeldsen! Talk about a power couple!). There’s nothing like a BFF to turn the day around.

I had scrap poster board leftover from the brainstorming + scissors session which I used to make a test run of business cards. I feel much more pro now, many thanks to Elizabeth, Arvey and Indianapolis Rubber Stamp!

Where dreams come true

Where the aisles have no name

Where they sell the boxes of the tiniest manila envelopes you've ever seen

Elizabeth Mae: designer, typography guru, best friend

Testing, testing